coexistence and coprosperity Toward an attractive Japan through support for overseas students and regional revitalization projects
We will continue to work toward the realization of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).



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We will strive to revitalize the community by developing stores and holding events mainly in Yahatahigashi-ku.

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7/29(土)F SCONEイオン若松二島マルシェ出店


Our organization was established in April 2021 as an organization that aims to realize the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) from Kitakyushu City through support for international students and local revitalization projects.
I have been involved in the education and daily life of overseas students, and have closely felt their environment and what they are carrying, and have been close to them and supported them.
I also majored in Regional Development Studies at university, and have had many opportunities to learn and think about regional development.
In today’s Japan, we are facing a major issue of regional decline due to the declining birthrate and aging population, and the hollowing out of the workforce necessary for the economy.
I believe that the world in the future needs to work hand in hand and coexist in harmony.
Through this project, we will support the job hunting activities of overseas students who are aiming to work in Japan. In addition, through the development of multinational food and beverage outlets and events, we will work to revitalize the region and make it an attractive tourist destination.
We will also focus on expanding local and intergenerational exchanges with people of many different nationalities, and fostering new ways of thinking and values in the children who will be the leaders of the next generation.
We would like to take the opportunity of this incorporation to make even greater efforts with our colleagues and contribute to society, and we sincerely ask for your support and cooperation.

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Noriko Kobayashi, President

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We are looking for individuals and companies
that agree with the purpose of our organization and would like to become our members.